About Us

Goodvin Nerko & Helg Lugano are a creative tag team and gay couple. A family of two artists.

Goodvin Nerko was born in Russia and he has lived in different cities and countries. Over fourteen years ago, he met Helg Lugano and they became partners. Their creative paths began a little later in life, as Goodvin continued to develop his longlasting hobby in illustration at the art academy he was attending, Helg found himself becoming more of a support system and as time went on he to became involved in the illustration prosses and that is how this art duo was formed. Goodvin & Helg currently live in Spain on the island of Tenerife.

Their works are centered around the aesthetics of the male body. These are images of the naked body, portraits, as well as fantasies that draw inspiration from their surrounding environment of beautiful waters and island beaches depicted in their works of fun in the sun, surfing and ocean.

They primarily work in watercolors to achieve the sensual, colorful and air-filled works and at times also work in pencil, pastel, oil and acrylic.

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